Moving Out West

Moving out west, like so many of us have made that move, is on a deep level of a spiritual journey. It represents leaving the old ways and outdated belief systems behind. We come out west to spread our wings, to find our destiny. Out here, there is no roof to hold us down. It is totally up to us as to how when and where we learn to fly. For me, I thought I was coming out here for love and opportunities when I made my move, as time went by I began to realize that I came out because my soul needed room to move and grow. As much as I love New England, As much as it is ingrained in who I am, It has a very set in stone way of being and thinking. I needed a house without a roof where I could dream under the stars. So, when you are at a crossroads my friends, one of the many you will have in your life. Think of this, as in the immortal lyrics of a famous song, “Should I stay or should I go”. 



Elizabeth and James Resort 2015
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Thakoon Resort 2015
Photo by Rodin Banica

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Petite Meller’s Big Moment
Photograph by Van Sarki; styled by Lindsey Frugier. 

"Girl avant". Photographed by Gidi van Maarseveen for U+MAG

Divine Diane
Photograph by Santiago and Mauricio; styled by Lindsey Frugier; W magazine October 2012. 

Keep calm and carry on
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